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  • Problem

    people use people they know to filter information all the time ("word of mouth") but using them manually seems very inefficient

  • Hunch

    you could should be able to systematically make use of your social network to do a range of activities (seems obvious now but the term “social networking” was not invented when we started this)

  • Crunch

    social networking platform that allowed third parties to develop applications on top of one social network. Dating website and Jobs site were the first applications

  • Munch

    aim was to create a stand alone company selling services and ad to consumers but ending up licencing the technology instead

  • the story so far

    the hunches for this came from reflecting on what worked and what didn't about the GlobalBrain opportunity. A remarkable amount of things happened through networks of contacts and it got us thinking about how we use social networks for a wide range of activities (the term social networking was not actually used back then). It also got us thinking about how you could use the Internet to create a series of applications built on top of your social network. We failed on the execution of this for a number of reasons; including our assumption that people care about privacy when it turns out they really don't. Company still had a successful exit selling to Intel.